The Beloved!

First of all, I sincerely thank you for your interest and apply to jobs on the work at JSC Constrexim Number 1 (CONFITECH).

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Company, I would like to send the candidate you most respectful greetings and best regards!

Is now Grade 1 of the building, with over 14 years experience and development, we have confirmed our position in the field of Construction, Investment projects as well as import and export business …

With a Board of experienced and dynamic team of engineers and officers with solid professional qualifications, skilled workers, the company has built many large projects in the field of public industrial, civil construction, infrastructure … and the owner of many projects. Our company has always been the investors appreciate the quality and progress of the projects that the company participated in the construction.

Our company always attaches great importance to the human factor, it is the most valuable asset of the Company. Leadership is always motivational, favorable conditions for each individual can play his full potential at work and we are always ready to listen to the opinions shared, contributions from friends-staff with clear goals that we work together to build a common house where there is a good working environment, friendly people treat, more productive, more efficient in order to bring maximum benefit for both sides, “Workers” and “employer”.

Please travel with us. The future is in front of you.

Good luck!

On behalf of the Board Co.

General Manager

Nguyen Quang Huy