More than 14 years on the way to build and develop their own successful each of JSC Constrexim Number 1 (CONFITECH) are recognized hallmark of effort and dedication of generations of Officers and Employees Constrexim number 1 (CONFITECH) always uphold the human factor, the collective strength through training policies and meritocracy. Leadership Board Constrexim Number 1 (CONFITECH) developed system flexible HR policies, remuneration and welfare satisfactory, fair and effective.

Constrexim human resources Number 1 (CONFITECH) has always been considered as core elements and valuable asset of the Company. Therefore, in this personnel policy was built with the intention to turn human resources into a leading competitive advantage of the Company. In addition to full compliance with state regulations on regimes and policies for workers as Social Insurance, Medical Insurance; Vacation mode; Convalescence regime recharge …. the system of wages, bonuses, benefits, compensation for employees of the Company is also one of the issues that concern the construction matching each period and each stage of development, ensuring flexibility and fairness, adequate level of dedication and competitiveness in the labor market. With a view to respect human resources, Constrexim Number 1 (CONFITECH) are creating conditions for highly qualified workers receive salaries commensurate with their dedication, motivation and attract talented people to meet the source Sustainable human resources of the Company.

1. Regulations on recruitment:

– JSC Constrexim Number 1 (CONFITECH) conduct recruitment at the request of the Chamber / Board / factory or construction and installation team of company resources to meet production and business work of the Company.

– The recruitment is conducted openly, fair recruitment through the steps of the HR department regulations for each position in the company aims to recruit candidates who are qualified professionals, have moral good and meets the requirements laid down for such positions.

– After taking steps interviews and examinations, the Company will send written notification to the official recruitment are selected with the job description of the position being recruited. Persons selected company will sign a letter Announcement & Settlement if approved by the conditions of the company stated in a letter.

2. Probation:

The probation period is from 1 to 2 months (depending on the specific location) starts from the date stated in the letter Announcement & Agreement. Probationary salary awarded 75% of the position salary after probation.

3. The labor contract:

The company will sign a labor contract with indefinite term or indefinite term employees, depending on the specific case after the probation period. The labor contract was signed based on the Labor Law by the Ministry of Labour – Invalids and Social Affairs regulations.

4. Wages:

– Rules of the Company’s payroll:
LTN = (LNS x K) + Pc – X
Basic salary: standardized pay scale for state regulations based on qualifications and seniority of the employee. This is the basis for calculating salaries Social, Health and deductions as prescribed by state employees.
Productivity wage: Based on the annual turnover of the company attributable to the salary fund.
LTN: Monthly income
K factor: the degree of completion of work in May.
Pc: Earnings (responsibility, telephone, gas …)
X: Deductible: The Company will deduct the prescribed deductions such as social insurance and unemployment insurance and trade union fund, personal income tax (if any) … before you pay to employees.
– The scheme: The Company has applied the standard salary scale for office blocks.

5. Holidays, vacation:

– Employees are entitled to holidays as prescribed by the state.
– Authorized the year: employees are entitled to 12 days / year basically fully paid under the provisions of the Law on Vietnamese laborers. Allowing any year must pay off in that year. Planning a long vacation (> 3 days) must notify the head / board and company board of directors at least 01 weeks for the company to arrange the work and arrange replacement. If leaders do not approve the application for leave that individual will still stay disciplined and penalized as stipulated wages.
– Where can leave for personal reasons is permitted except in years but with the consent of the head or manager directly.
– Vacation own the property will be deducted from the salary of employees on workday.

6. Sick leave:

– Staff too one day of sick leave must present a certificate of health. All mode sick leave, maternity leave, sick leave child will comply with state regulations.
– Sick leave no medical confirmation will not be entitled to health insurance and will not be paid during the holidays there.
– Employees leave their sick children must produce all documents required by insurance and will be paid according to the regulations in labor law and social insurance law.

7. The different modes:

– Employees are entitled to the regime as labor law, law of the State Social Insurance
– Employees are entitled to other benefits and entitlements of the Company applied as:
• Last year Bonus: The company will be based on the business results of the Company for rewards for the workers and employees. The bonus level is based on an assessment of individual activities during the year.
• Telephone Allowance amount: depending on the positions set forth in the Company’s salary scale.
• travel allowance (gasoline): depending on the positions set forth in the Company’s salary scale.
• Earnings lunch: lunch allowance per working day of each individual. The average level of allowance is 20,000 1 lunch / dinner. Holidays, vacation and sick leave are not counted lunch allowance.
• collective activity: The company organized team activities sessions on the occasion of the holidays, like New Year (20/10; 8/3; Lunar New Year etc …).
• Sightseeing, collective vacation: Every year the Company will hold at least a picnic trips or vacation depending on the financial situation of the Company.

8. Personal income tax:

Individuals must pay personal income tax under the law. The Company will deduct this tax to pay for the tax authorities before paid to employees.

9. Come on:

Employees want to stay on at the company, the resignation must be sent to the Board of Directors of 30 to 45 days before the holiday. Where the employee voluntarily quit without notice to the Company, the Company will deduct the monthly wage previously worked as the individual’s bonus to compensate for losses in business due to the holiday This extraordinary individual triggers.

10. Discipline or dismissal:

Employees violate the rules affecting the reputation and business operations of the Company, the Company had to enforce discipline with individual severance and company will force the individual must leave immediately after receiving notice to suspend the work of the Board of Directors of the Company.

11. Ending the contract with JSC Constrexim Number 1 (CONFITECH)

The labor contract between employees and company shares Constrexim Number 1 (CONFITECH) may end for several reasons: resignation, expiration of the contract, completion of construction, retirement … shall be enforced under the law of state employees.