Phối cảnh Đài PTTH tỉnh Vĩnh Long

Project name: Television Theatre

Investor: Vinh Long Radio Television

Contractor: Constrexim 1 JSC

Construction site: No.50 Pham Thai Buong, Ward 4, Vinh Long City, Vinh Long Province

Existing technical infrastructure: supply of electricity, water, water discharge, road.

Project scope: Civil work level II, group B

Construction scope:

+ New construction of 01 item with 03 floors: theatre area with 600 seats; cinema area with 03 rooms of 200 seats/room; studio area with 03 rooms with 200 seats/room.

+ Auxiliary items: gate, fence wall, yard, road, pavement, trees and grass, parking lot, and other technical infrastructure items.

In which:

Main construction of an item with 03 floors.

+ A building of 03 floors, height of 21.4m

+ Total area of floor: 24,300 m2

Auxiliary constructions: discharge system, water tank of 400 m3, water tower + fountain, septic tank.

The followings are several pictures of the construction updated on May 2018.


Main hall of Vinh Long Television Theatre on May 2018


Vinh Long Television Theatre on May 2018